Sunday, July 03, 2011

Pool Time and Puppy Photo

We headed out for some much needed family time in the sun! I'm sorry to say this was my first trip to the pool with the kids this year. Normally we would be headed there every day. We had lots of fun and filled our bodies with some good Vitamin D!

When I came in this week I discovered this "patch" on Aaron's back. Normally babies get a bracelet identifying who they are and who they belong to. Because Aaron is so small the bracelet doesn't fit so this is how they "tag" him. As if his absence would go unnoticed, he has a constant stream of people checking on him so he wouldn't get very far. Since the discovery of his fractures we have countless nurses and staff come to whisper sweet words of encouragement and sympathy to him and us. The word of his prognosis has spread quickly in the NICU.
I spent the morning yesterday with Aaron at the hospital. He is mighty uncomfortable these days and squirms every time he is touched. He can handle about an hour of skin to skin time and then needs to be put back in his bed. The nurse practitioner has ordered a special gel mattress for him so that he won't have any pressure points while laying in bed. It won't come until sometime next week so they are getting creative with the smaller gel packs and different positions they put him in. He is weighing in at 830 grams and is up to 17 mls on his feedings. A typical newborn will take somewhere between 45-60 mls at each feeding. He has a cute, little, sweet neighbor, Khloe, who is tiny too. Hopefully we'll be neighbors for a while. We've gone through 4 this week. We are happy to report that Aaron is no longer the smallest baby in the NICU he has come a long way from where he started.


Denise said...
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Denise said...

I am in awe of this little guy. He is such a fighter. It's wonderful to see him growing. Thanks for sharing the updates. I hope that everyone feels better soon.