Monday, July 11, 2011

Consult Update

Well the priority status was taken seriously with the Cardiologists and Primary Children's as not just one of them came to look at Aaron, all 3 came to see him. Aaron's N.P. today said he behaved well during their evaluation. She also said that all three stood around his bedside and hemmed and hahhed trying to decide what to do with him. She said they all agreed they want him off the Nitric Oxide and that he should be on medication. They also agreed that he should have weekly echo's until whatever is going on is resolved. Aside from that they weren't sure what to do. The N.P. reminded them that although Aaron is small he is officially a full-term baby at this point. The problem with what to do is Aaron's eyes. The medications that is used to treat heart and lung problems cause problems with little eyes that are not yet fully developed. From what I understand his eyes are close as of last week and he will have another appointment this week. We are crossing our fingers that they are complete now as that will make treating him a lot easier. For now the Cardio team wants to conference and come up with a good plan and then get back to us. So, confer away, we'll do our best to wait patiently.


Cindy Lou said...

Well baby Aaron is still in my prayers.