Saturday, July 09, 2011

Puppy Photo

Aaron seems to be doing better this afternoon. He was agitated when we were changing his diaper, and he wanted me to put my hand on his back when he was going to sleep. He still isn't opening his eyes regularly, but he seems to be much better than before.

He had an elevated white cell count in his spinal fluid, so we were treated to a visit from an Infectious Disease physician from Primary Children's. At this point, he doesn't think that he's going to find anything, but this is our second spinal tap that has ended up looking funny (too many red an white cells in the spinal fluid), so our Nurse Practitioner gave him a call. He asked us a whole spectrum of questions. Do we go camping? Do we have pets? Where have we visited in the past 9 months? Do we eat raw dairy? Do we get cold sores? All fun stuff. He's ordered some tests and someone from his office will be talking with us again in the next few days.


KJlovesBubba said...

ADORABLE! He is growing . . . I am noticing some rolls on his upper arm.