Monday, July 25, 2011

Cakes, Puppies, and Sleep Overs

This week I celebrated my 35th birthday. That day was a pretty tough day as it was when all of Aaron's labs, x-ray's, and changes were made. I spent all day at the hospital as each diagnosis came in. By the time I made it home I was spent both physically and emotionally. I think I do a pretty good job of processing and compartmentalizing things from the NICU. I often ask myself, "Is this something I need to worry about today?" If the answer is no, I file it away in the back of my brain to revisit when the time comes. Friday however it seemed everything was a concern on that day. Just after getting home a sweet sister from church called to wish me a happy birthday and ask how I was doing. I lost it, she was so sweet to listen as I just cried and dumped everything out. A few minutes later she showed up on my doorstep with an amazing German Chocolate cake and gave me a hug. Later we went to dinner, came home for two cakes (Ronny had also picked one up on the way home from work), and then we headed back to the hospital. I was so glad Ronny's mom was still here, as it allowed me to be at the hospital that day. Here is Aaron's puppy photo this week. With all the new equipment its hard to tell that in the midst of all his changes he grew quite a bit. He weighs 1350 grams (down from yesterday) which is just shy of 3 pounds. He grew at least 4cms in length and 2cms around his head. With him being attached with the c-pap and with his IV's its hard to take the measurements but the nurse did her very best. He remains sedated and the doctors are fairly certain he has a septic lesion in his intestine. His antibiotics are scheduled for a 7 day course. They did put a pic-line in yesterday as the drugs do a number on the IV's. The c-pap mask squishes his little face and looks so uncomfortable so its a good thing he's pretty out of it. Another blood gas was done this morning and the numbers are creeping up so they are watching the acidosis very closely. With Aaron being taken off all feedings he is not able to get his oral medications. The big one is the Viagra. Its a fine line we are walking with not feeding him to allow his bowels to heal and waiting too long that his pulmonary hypertension gets out of control enough that he'll have to go back on the NO2. Yesterday they told us he would start eating again today but they said that the day before so we aren't holding our breath that it will start up again.
Everytime I see a picture of Charley I wonder when she grew up. The other day at the pool a young man came up to Ronny and asked if Charley was his daughter, he said she was and the young man proceeded to tell him how pretty she is. He came home and asked if we could extend the time she would have braces. Honestly I think they even make her cuter. Sorry Dad, I think we are just starting this new phase of boys.

We took the kids in for a quick visit yesterday. As they each came in and talked to Aaron he began to high stat. He also was fighting to come out of his fog and see his siblings. It was very sweet. He knew his family came to see him and it makes a positive difference. The nurses are playing music for him. Every time the cd runs out he fidgets and fusses. Summer time brings camp outs in the basement. The kids love to sleep down there as Ronny and I pretty much leave them alone. The boys think we don't know how late they stay up and think they are totally pulling the rug over our eyes. When company comes to visit and especially if they have kids they beg to sleep downstairs. Last night we found they had blown up an air mattress and managed to get all 4 of them on it. The deal though is that if they are ornery the following day they have to take a nap. I love to see them together like this.


Stacey said...

I spaced your bday. Sorry friend. I get that date and your anniversary mixed up. That's the 31st right? I'm sorry it was such a crummy bday. I hope you are doing better and that Aaron will continue to fight this battle of his. Hang in there.

Denise said...

Happy belated birthday, Denise. I think of you and your family often. I can't believe all that you are going through. Aaron continues to be a miracle and you continue to be an inspiration to me. Happy birthday.