Friday, July 08, 2011

Rough Turn

Last night, Denise and I got to the hospital and Aaron was sleeping. We were informed that the doctors were concerned with pain management, so they had doubled Aaron's morphine. His temperature was dropping, so I got him warm with skin-to-skin, but it took a long time to bring him back up. This whole time, he was completely asleep - didn't even wake up for the diaper change (usually a sensitive time for him). We had assumed this behavior was from the double dose of morphine. We ended up sticking around for midnight cares to see if things improved as his morphine wore off. They didn't much. He finally woke up for us but was still very lethargic, certainly not the sensitive and irritable little boy we know. He had been awake for about a half hour when we left at 1am.

When we got home, we called back to check up on him, and he was out once again - now well after the morphine dose had worn off. He was once again non-responsive and losing his temperature. Over the course of the night, they brought in a porta-warmer to help him maintain his temp and they increased his oxygen flow.

At this point, we (us/nurses/nurse practitioners) are of the opinion that this is not due to the morphine, but that it is more likely an infection. They drew labs last night, but things came back almost all normal. He is once again lethargic this morning. Denise is heading up right now.

We have left our kids with my sister and her husband, who are in town from Virginia for vacation. Happy vacation to them. At least our kids will be entertained with their cousins.

Also, we totally forgot about Joseph and Cub Camp this morning, so Denise had to rush him up the mountain. Fortunately, it looked like it was going to be on the way to the hospital. I'm guessing she will spend most of the day up there with Aaron while everyone tries to figure out what is going on.

Once again, we find ourselves asking for your prayers. Please pray for Aaron. We know that prayer is what has carried Aaron as far as he has come. We know that if it is God's will that he continue, we still need to ask for these blessings to be poured out of the windows of heaven. We know that all of the prayers that have been offered on Aaron's behalf have been heard, and your prayers will be heard once again by our Father in Heaven who knows what is best for our little family. Please pray for Aaron.


Jennifer said...

I will be praying extra hard for your family and especially Aaron today.

Sant Family said...

Sorry to hear your not great news. Lethargy always spelled pneumonia for mine. Praying for Aaron!