Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its a Wash

Ronny's Mom decided to stay a few days after his reunion to help us out here. This allows me to go to the hospital during the day as well as in the evenings. Aaron and I had a good visit today. We worked on eating off his pacifier again. Although he is still on 3 liters on his high flow and is unable to take a bottle, he is starting to take his pacifier again so we might as well work on eating so that when he comes off the higher flows he'll be ready for the bottle. He did relatively well for starting over. I also worked with OT today on a new positioning wrap they are going to try with him. You could tell Aaron was not so jazzed about the wrap but he tolerated it. I came home to help with dinner and get the kids out the door to karate. Just as we were sitting down to eat the phone rang and the call was coming from the U. Once again the dreaded call came telling us he had another Grade 4 A&B. They suctioned him and now he's stable. They are going to give him some albuterol to see if that helps. We'll be heading back up again shortly to see how he is doing. When the n.p. called to inform me I asked if he needed to be intubated and if he needed chest compressions, he did not. The n.p. commented that I knew the right questions to ask. Sadly I know the right questions because we've had far too many of these.


Sant Family said...

Up and down. Back and forth. Life in the NICU!

I am so sorry you guys all get this experience. On the other hand, I have a small idea of what you have learned and felt and know that is stuff that matters most.