Saturday, July 16, 2011

Code Blue

Last night was a night I hope to never repeat! Just after I finished changing Aaron's diaper for his 9:00 p.m. cares he coded. Thankfully the nurse was standing right next to me and jumped right in. She hit the code button and she and I both yelled for help, good thing too as the alarm malfunctioned and didn't sound. After everyone on the floor came our nurse was able to bag and stabilize him. He was about 10 seconds away from being re-intubated when he finally started to breath again. I spoke with the nurse practitioner about what the cause could be and we both thought that he may have a new fracture. I also mentioned that he seemed really pale again. She ordered X-rays, CRT, and blood gas.

Aaron has a fracture now in his femur that the x-ray showed. It looks like he broke it sometime in the last week or so. I also think he has a broken finger but the x-ray didn't show it. (hard to when its so small.) I was able to be at the hospital this morning for rounds and talk with the doctor about what is going on. Another LP was ordered to be done at Primary Children's Hosptial on Monday but today's doctor is canceling it. We also discussed whether I should still be holding Aaron. He said absolutely and that the stimulation he gets while I hold him will help his bones heal faster but to let Aaron dictate how much he can handle. I agreed. He is still high on his O2 but we are hoping the transfusion will help bring that down.

Today is my official due date and Aaron's 2 month mark. He weighed in last night at 1120 grams but we think that is a little high due to some edema. Today is Sat. so a puppy photo will be taken, however we are in the middle of Ronny's family reunion so I won't be able to upload it for a few days. (I am typing this post at the hospital). We spoke with a friend of Ronny's who works here in the NICU this week. She mentioned that on average a baby weighing 500 grams at birth spends an average of 99 days in the NICU. We are at 62. I wonder how many you have to add for being 400 grams at birth but then have to subtract for higher gestational age. The doctor I spoke with today said he has seen only one other baby with as severe IUGR as Aaron. He said he just graduated from college last month. I think that is a great goal to shoot for!


Stacey said...

Oh Denise, I'm so sorry. I hope they can figure out all this fracture pain stuff. Poor little guy. Our prayers are with you.

Sant Family said...

Very scary! Another fracture? Crazy! Happy Due Date Day! Aaron is an awesome little dude!