Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Unfortunately I forgot my camera last night so I didn't get any pictures, but it was a great night while I was there. At his 9 p.m. cares we had to mess with him quite a bit, changing his diaper, giving meds, re-taping his OG tube, weighing, measuring his belly, and finally getting him out to sit with me and eat. By the time we got him out of bed he was fully awake. We decided to see if he wanted to eat orally and he did great. When I put him on my arm he immediately turned he head and rooted around so we gave him his pacifier and started to drop the milk in his mouth. He sucked down everything we gave him and had to refill the syringe twice. He ended up taking 1.4 mls through his mouth which in reality is a tiny amount but to him it was the most he has ever taken and we were thrilled. We could hear him sucking and swallowing which is a big step while still maintaining his O2 stats. He weighed in at 880 grams and his belly went back down to 19 cm, which is where we like it. His feeds were also up to 18 mls. While I was holding him he started to destat after his feeding was complete. We were trying to figure out why he was struggling when I heard and felt a minor explosion in his pants. He immediately shot back up after that and sat with me for about 20 more minutes before he started to get fussy. I knew it was because his pants were full. After changing him the nurse weighed his diaper and it came in at 16 mls of stool, amazing considering his feeds are at 18 mls. He had two more A&B's last night one at Grade 1 and another at Grade 3. I think they are still related to his pain but there isn't much more that can be done for that. Poor guy, hopefully the calcium and Vit. D start to help repair them soon. We thought he was supposed to have another echo yesterday but it didn't happen, so maybe today it will.